Designing the future of interaction.

Immers is focusing on the future of interaction, using projection mapping, sensor fusion and touchless experience navigation.

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  • PositionTechnical Program Director | INTERFACE DESIGNER
  • ACHIEVEMENTSBuilt interfaces using modern techniques, invented projection mapppig menu interaction and payment processing, Provides art Direction to Unity Dev Team
Projection Mapping Dining Experience
Inventing the future of immersive dining

Built fully functioning POS system for immersive dining using an advanced body tracking and projection fusion

Body Tracking Gesture Experiments
Designing UI/UX in a touchless environment

Interacting with menus with out touching a mouse or screen required conducting several experiements to reduce adoptioin friction.

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Progresive Web App.


Rapid Prototype for continuing education application, SVG and CSS based aninmations. Installable Progressive Web App allows native functionality with out the overhead of App Store Integration.

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  • Instructional Splash Screen

    Client required a tutorial splash screen to explain thier creative approach to education. This place holder page is made of pure CSS and SVG and loads instantly.

  • Home Page

    Client loves large images, this design focused on leaning into the notariety of thier famous instructors.

  • Hamburger Menu

    Clients large image requirement was accomplished using a hamburger menu.

Chicly, Inc.

App-based fashion discovery and consulting.

Chicly introduces professional styling services on demand. Professional stylists work with customers existing wardrobe to recommend purchases for complete outfits.

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  • Position Managing Director
  • ACCOMPLISHMENTSLed well-defined engineering projects by serving as the crucial interface between business stakeholders, engineering, product, and design. Built technical, marketing, and customer support teams from the ground up to a team of 20. Developed IOS and PWA applications on-time and under-budget.

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